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Urbanization in the USA: a driver for global growth?

2012/04/17 in macro trends

An important global trend is “urbanization“.  But, while we often think of  the rapid urbanization of the developing world, we often forget of the importance of urbanization on the developed one.  Case in point is the recent article posted online by the consulting company McKinsey looking at the impact of urbanization of the US economy on global growth:

Exploring urban America’s economic clout

In a world of rising urbanization, the degree of economic vigor the US economy derives from its cities is unmatched by any other region of the globe. Over the next 15 years, large US cities are expected to generate more than 10 percent of global GDP growth—a bigger share than all their peers in other developed countries combined. McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, Urban America: US cities in the global economy, profiles their dominant role in US economic life and gauges how large they loom in the urban world overall. Read the report on mckinsey.com.

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